Boy! You changed my world!#Mommytales


Boy,my boy!

How did this happen?

What did you do?

You changed my world in just 6 months.


Time freezes when I am with you.

My past fades away.

My future disappears.

Now all that matters  to me is this moment with you .


When you babble and I nod in agreement

When you rollover and I clap encouragingly

When you smile at me naughtily before chewing your toy,

I feel magical that I am able to decipher your unspoken words.



When you wake up in the morning and smile at me sleepily,

When you cling to my dress and wouldn’t let me go,

When you stare at me sadly as I leave you,

I feel that I’m the luckiest person on earth.


Let’s enjoy these moments together

before the world changes you,

before you learn to play tantrums,

before you grow up.


I want to capture every moment with you

In my words,

In my photos,

In my mind’s eye.


Boy, my boy

You give me happiness.

You make me smile.

You are my muse.




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