Recharge your day? Why?

Because, you too need recharging, like your cell phone and laptop. 🙂

We all know that life is short and sweet.  Sometimes, we forget that and spent too much time worrying. I created this blog to share some positive thoughts which inspire me from time to time. The blog mostly consists of posts about three things which cheer me up: inspirational thoughts, books, and humor.

I’m Jahnavi, the writer of this blog. I’m also the author of self-help ebook Ctrl+Alt+Del(Transform your problems into Accomplishments). After working for a decade in IT industry, I moved from my home country India to the United states. Currently, as a stay at home Mom,  I get some time to indulge in my passion: writing. I not only write, but also speak. I am an active member of toastmasters club, a non-profit organization for improving public speaking skills and leadership skills. I love reading books, especially non-fiction. All in all, I’m an optimist trying to make the best out of my life.

Last but not least, I’m also a good listener. I love to hear your feedback about my blog/posts or any positive thoughts that you want to share. Together, let’s brighten up the day. 🙂

39 thoughts on “About

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  2. A title “Recharge your day” with the photo of a sunrise. That’s totally me! Your blog seems great, looking forward for your posts 🙂

      • I’m Telugu too 🙂 I work in Chennai right now but. I guessed from your last name. Mine’s Panthagani by the way, I dunno if you could tell that it’s a Telugu surname or not. 😛

  3. Hello

    Really pleased to have discovered your blog, courtesy of the Cherished Blogfest being organised by Damytanti, and with which I’m helping as one of the co-hosters. I too am enthusiastic about books and humourt so looking for fward to reading many of your posts in the near future..

    Regards, Paul…

  4. the most energizing recharging words for us!! 🙂
    hey can you help me in how to add a copyright sectionin our blog? I tried but it’s not working out.. I saw that you had that “all rights reserved” stuff so if you could helpI would be grateful 🙂

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