My weekend feast : “Eat..Pray..Love”


You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.

–Paul Sweeney

That’s how I felt when I read the book.. Eat.Pray..Love ..”Nice to meet you Liz. Good luck” was all I could say as I closed the book.

With this blog post, I’m trying to preserve the tender feelings brought out by this book. Like a photographer taking a picture of beautiful nature, I am writing down the sheer pleasure I experienced by reading this book. It’s not exactly the spiritual aspect of this book which touched me, but the story, the narration, and the fact that it is not a fiction, but a memoir.

For long, I have been seeing this book on the library shelves, but I never picked it up. The word ‘Pray’ in the book title obviously didn’t attract my atheist mind. But , last week, in a desperate attempt to find a good book to read over the weekend, I ,rather skeptically, picked up this book. I had no idea of the wonderful treat that was awaiting me.

I started reading it and after first few pages, I realized that I was really enjoying this book. When Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of this book, introduces herself to GOD in a rather hilarious manner (‘Dear God, I’m Liz. This…), like you introduce yourselves to a stranger I thought, yes, she is like me. Then I started wondering how come she wrote about ‘Praying’. Her narration using metaphors, vivid descriptions about the places, her emotions, her thoughts, made me feel as if Liz was speaking to me. She was no longer Elizabeth gilbert, the author, but she became my new found friend Liz who is confiding her deepest secrets to me.

She showed me the beauty of Italy, the mouth wathering Pizza from Naples (I think I’ll read her description of the Pizza and then satisfy my craving for Pizza) and the abundant joy in eating without caring about anything else in the world, not even about gaining weight.

Before I knew, I was already transported to India where I learnt meditation. Being an Indian, I was eager to find out how she felt about India, but to my surprise, Liz concentrated on ‘Pray’ i.e the meditation in the Ashram and that was quite fine, given that the book spans across three continents. I felt bit embarrassed that many of us, Indians, don’t know much about the Yoga, but many westerners come to India to learn these powerful practices.

The next destination, Indonesia was again pretty with beautiful Balinese people and their warmth. When in the end, Liz met a Brazilian guy who showered her with love, it gave the perfect ‘Happily ever after’ effect to the story.

The travel, the food, the meditation, the love : I savored every part of this book as if it were a  cheese layered Pizza from Naples. I started wondering, may be one day, I would be like Liz , travelling around the world and writing a book about that :-).

But for now, I ate, I prayed and I loved virtually ..