Funny Mom Daughter conversations #1

A one year old boy is babbling. Me and my daughter were standing next to  him.

“Mom, what is that baby saying? ”

“Sweetie, I don’t know.”

“Mom, I think we should buy a baby dictionary to understand what he is saying”

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Let’s get a fish, because..

‘Adopting a pet’ is one thing which I never thought ,until last week, when my five old daughter, came home from school and said she needs a fish as her pet. Here is our conversation

“Mom, I want to get a fish”

“Fish ? Ok. I’ll make you fish curry tonight”

“No Mom. I want a fish as a pet.”

“Why? Why do you need a fish as a pet?”

“My teacher told pets need lot of love and affection”


“ I need a pet. I love dogs but I have to clean their poop. I hate cleaning poop”

“Oh. Correct”

“I love cats too but I hate cleaning them”


“So let’s get fish. We need not clean it’s poop. It will always be in water.”

I could not control my laughter!!. was so sweet..!!!

However, I am already so busy taking care of many things in my life, that I cannot even imagine about being responsible for any other addition to our family, even if it’s a pet. For now, we make do with soft stuffed toys – a cute pooh bear and an adorable puppy 🙂

P.S: In response to daily prompt

One and half book worm

Are you a book worm like me? Are you addicted to books ?

Then I guess you will completely understand what I’m going to say.

Hmm…Here’s what it looks like at my bedside..


One..Two..Three..Four.. Ok..Let’s stop counting. I usually end up with a pile of books near my bed.  Here is a brief story behind this mess.

Six years back, when I was just married, I was the only one in the house who was responsible for this sort of clutter. Then, my daughter was born and I was excited to share my obsession with her. I started reading her rhymes from the day she was born. Believe it or not, she used to respond to my words and nod her head or smile at me. I took it as her affirmation and started reading her picture dictionary and lots of books with big colorful pictures every night. This soon turned into a daily ritual and by the time she was 6 months old, she wouldn’t sleep unless I read her favorite books.

Years passed and now my house is occupied by one and half book worm (i.e Me and my 5 year old girl). Every night, before going to bed, I read her books, sometimes with lots of enthusiasm, sometimes with exhaustion after a long day, sometimes with a sleepy tone trying hard to stay awake,  but always with a sense of pride, that this little one who loves to read is my daughter and one day she will become someone great. As I look forward to that day, this mess doesn’t matter all.

PS: Thanks to daily prompt

Childhood Sweet memories

I love childhood for the abundant joy it offers.

Those precious years

when your parents pamper you,

when your naughtiness is cherished,

when your mistakes are forgiven by a cute ‘sorry’,

when your only work is to play.


I love childhood for the freedom it bestows.

Those carefree years

when you take nap in the afternoons,

when you get summer holidays every year,

when you savor ice creams and chocolates merrily,

when you are not worried about putting on weight.


I love childhood for the sweet memories it leaves.

Those prized years

when you did everything for the first time;

the first time you went to the school,

the first time you learnt to ride a bicycle,

the first outing with your friends,

and the most memorable of all, the first crush.


Wow..!! Childhood is such a bliss that I wish I were a child again.


PS: Thanks to daily prompt for the inspiration.

Dear Santa, I have a message for you..

In response to daily prompt (You’ve been given the opportunity to send one message to one person you wouldn’t normally have access to (for example: the President. Kim Kardashian. A coffee grower in Ethiopia). Who’s the person you choose, and what’s the message?)

I racked my brain for more than an hour trying to think of a person whom I normally do not have access to. Couple of people came to my mind :

  1. My Husband : Yeah..It’s very difficult to get hold of him during the office hours. He never picks up my call at work. I sometimes wonder if he added my name to call blocking list so that I wouldn’t disturb him with my usual reminders about the things to pick up at the grocery store. Nevertheless, I follow the principle of ‘try and try until you succeed’. Finally I win and he has to listen to me :–D
  2. My plumber: This guy always has his phone switched off. Sometimes, if the phone is on, he doesn’t pick up the call. When I am lucky enough, I get to talk to him and that’s when he says that he was busy with other work and will come at the earliest. Now, this is an indication that he may come home sometime in that week to do the repairs at my home.  Anyway for now, I don’t have any plumbing work to be done at home.
  3. My boss: I mailed him last  week that I wanted to discuss with him about my salary hike. I didnot get any response to that mail from him. On top of that, whenever we cross each other’s path on our way to the cubicles, he is behaving as if he didn’t see me. Yesterday I went to his desk to talk about the same. He said he was busy. That was quite strange as he was checking facebook just before I entered his cubicle. Now, again I followed the principle of ‘try and try until you succeed’. This time I sent a meeting invite to discuss the matter one on one. I think he had enough time to build up a story about why I didn’t get my hike. So, he accepted my meeting request and I’m going to meet him tomorrow.

Since I had already made everyone in my list to listen to me, I don’t have anyone to send a message. But, I don’t want to waste this precious opportunity when the guys at dailyprompt had granted such a liberal gift. So I asked my 6 year old daughter, if she wants to send a message to anyone. Boom came the reply. “Mommy, please send a message to Santa to get me a bicycle for Chirstmas. “.. Wow!! that’s seems to be the perfect message for the perfect person.

So, dear guys at wordpress, please deliver the following message to Santa at the earliest.

 Dear Santa, How are you? I hope you are snuggling in a warm,cosy place. Soon it will be winter and we can’t wait to see you. My sweet little girl has already come up with her wishlist. She says that she just wants a pink bicycle this year. It’s still 3 more months for Christmas and I hope we are the first ones to send us our wishlist. You will have plenty of time to browse various shops and get her a nice bicycle.If you have any trouble coming to my home, you can always send me a gift card online. Waiting for your gift..Love you always 🙂 “

A small,red sweater

A man and a woman walked through the park together, holding hands. They passed an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman was knitting a small, red sweater.

The man began to cry. The old woman reminded him of his mom who passed away one week back. He felt guilty for not spending enough time with her in her last few days at the hospital. What a fool he was that he took everything for granted? How could he ignore her plea when she called him several times and asked him to spend a weekend with her? Her last words still rung in his ear “Son, I love you. Take care”.  Now, he desperately wished that he could talk to his Mom for one last time and say “Sorry Mom. I Love you a lot”. The man couldn’t bear his sorrow, turned back and started walking out the park.

Meanwhile, the woman she saw the small, red sweater and was reminded of a task which she had been postponing for long time. She is expecting a baby and it is only 2 months due from now. She wanted to knit a cute little pink and purple sweater for her sweet little girl. She imagined her little one wearing that sweater and cuddling cozily in her arms. “Oh..!! How cute..” she thought.  The woman, still lost in her dreams, followed her husband swiftly. She could hardly wait to go back home and start knitting.

The old woman was fondly looking at the sweater she was knitting. “Just one more week” She thought. Her daughter’s family went abroad three years back. Her grandson was born two years ago and this is the first time she is going to meet him. She saw his pictures and he looked exactly like his father. She was eagerly waiting for their arrival. Suddenly she remembered something, picked up the sweater and started walking out of the park. She had to call her daughter and find out what her grandson loves to eat. The next thing on her list was to prepare her grandson’s favorite snacks. 🙂