Skeleton made me laugh!(Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers)


“Mommy, come. Look. “

“What, baby? Come here and Sit beside me.”

We were waiting for our turn at the doctor’s office and my five year old daughter who hates waiting, started walking across the hall and peering into the rooms located on either side of the hallway. Continue reading

Shedding my introvert nature for my daughter


If we were having coffee right now, I would ask you one question: “How do you make friends?”

Don’t laugh! It may sound silly to you but it has been bothering me from the past few days.

Since you are a blogger I assume you spend time writing  when you could have gone out with your friends. I assume that you like writing compared to speaking and I assume you are an introvert or an ambivert.

Why I have asked this question about making friends is, I’m an introvert. I worked for several years in a corporate company. I travelled several places. All the while I had only a few friends.  I spend most of the time reading books, writing or enjoying my solitude.  I make acquaintances quickly but it will take a lot of time for me to turn that acquaintance into friendship. I feel uncomfortable in parties and end up sticking to one to two people throughout the party. However, I spent my entire life with this nature without any major problems . Infact, I was proud that I was an introvert when I read the book “Quiet” by Susan Cain. I was elated to know the virtues of being an introvert..

But, lately I have been trying to challenge my introvert nature because of my daughter. When my daughter started going to a new school, she lacked friends. Most of her classmates Moms were already well acquainted and I was out of that social circle. They all celebrated festivals together, went on trips together and made their children participate in the school events together.  I thought that my daughter will make new friends, but that didn’t happen.  Most of my daughter’s classmates had their own group of friends to play with and my daughter was left out. I felt guilty for this. If only I had socialized, if only I had made friendship with the Moms of other children, my daughter  wouldn’t have been playing alone now. Sometimes, I want to hold a board which reads “ My daughter needs friends”!  I became so desperate. Continue reading

A Mommy’s dilemma

Today, when I looked around the room, I was astonished.

The living room was messy with bits of paper here and there, crayons and color pencils were scattered everywhere, TV remote was on the window sill and a water bottle was one the sofa. Dining table chairs were dragged to the middle of the room. No object in the room was where it was supposed to be.All that indicated that my daughter was feeling bored.  Yes. That’s what she does when she has nothing interesting to do.That reminded me of my childhood.

As a child,

I used to scatter my toys all over the house.

I used to take long naps in the afternoon and stayed up late at night.

I used to watch TV without completing my homework.

I used to cry in the theater if the movie was boring.

I didn’t like going to school.

Now, when I see my daughter doing the same, I can’t accept that.

I am compelled to say ‘Sweetie, Behave yourself!’.

Oh! What a hypocrisy!

Should I get angry at my child’s behavior?

Or Should I feel proud that she got all my ‘qualities’? 🙂

P.S : In response to daily prompt

(Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?)

“Mommy, I’m proud of you”


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

My Muse is my 5-year-old daughter. There are several reasons for this:

  • My daughter is a voracious reader, even at this age. I write to pass on my life’s learnings to my daughter. Eventually, I want to write a book which will be helpful to her in future.
  •  I want her to be a successful writer(apart from her chosen career 🙂 ) when she grows up. I am working on my writing skills and exploring the paths for a writer so that she need not reinvent the wheel when she wants to take up writing.
  • Finally, I want her to know that Mommy not only cooks well but also writes exceptionally well. She should be able to say “Mommy, I’m proud of you”

Let’s get a fish, because..

‘Adopting a pet’ is one thing which I never thought ,until last week, when my five old daughter, came home from school and said she needs a fish as her pet. Here is our conversation

“Mom, I want to get a fish”

“Fish ? Ok. I’ll make you fish curry tonight”

“No Mom. I want a fish as a pet.”

“Why? Why do you need a fish as a pet?”

“My teacher told pets need lot of love and affection”


“ I need a pet. I love dogs but I have to clean their poop. I hate cleaning poop”

“Oh. Correct”

“I love cats too but I hate cleaning them”


“So let’s get fish. We need not clean it’s poop. It will always be in water.”

I could not control my laughter!!. was so sweet..!!!

However, I am already so busy taking care of many things in my life, that I cannot even imagine about being responsible for any other addition to our family, even if it’s a pet. For now, we make do with soft stuffed toys – a cute pooh bear and an adorable puppy 🙂

P.S: In response to daily prompt

Old MacDonald had a farm, Ee i ee i oh!

“Old MacDonald had a farm, Ee i ee i oh!

And on that farm he had some ducks with a quack quack here, and a quack quack there, ..”

Do you remember this song? Don’t rack your brain if you can’t. Read on to find what it is.

People often say that kids change our world. I used to dismiss those words as exaggeration. After all, most of us have become so practical and independent that we don’t want anyone , not even parents, friends, or even spouse, to dictate our life. Then how else can a tiny little kiddo who can barely speak affect a grownup?

I have to admit that I was wrong and I realized this as soon as my daughter was born. Those words that ‘kids impact our life’ are true to the core. From the day she is born, every thought ,every decision involved her in one way or the other. Here’s are snippets of conversation going on in my mind , before I did anything..

“Shall I go out for shopping now ? No, it’s nap time for her.. She may feel cranky if I take her out”

“Should I wear that purple dress with the rich embroidery work for the party? “ ..May be not. The embroidery may be too harsh on my baby’s skin. She may feel uncomfortable”

“Should I have breakfast now? May be later. I will have to first  prepare baby’s food”.

The list goes on and on. Starting from my preferences about breakfast, shopping, dressing  to major decisions like working or staying at home were all impacted by her.

My bedroom color changed to pink. Wall frames of beautiful sceneries’ are now replaced by Poo, Disney Princess posters. My refrigerator which was earlier filled with restaurant take outs and frozen foods, is now filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, and of course, chocolate milk.

Earlier, I was a great fan of bollywood music (Indian songs), but now, I don’t even get a chance to play them. The only songs that my daughter has permitted me to listen are the “Ryhmes”.   So, I can no longer remember my favorite songs except the preschool rhymes and no wonder, the song that is currently humming in my mind is “Old Mc Donald had a farm..” ..


Who said that staying at home is easy?

I have ten minutes to write and all I can think of is a task list with ten other things to do in the day. Only half of the day has passed and there is still one and half day to hit the weekend. No, I’m not currently employed, I am a stay at home Mom with a decade of work experience behind me. Before I started my new role of staying at home to take care of my kid, I always thought that being at home would be a good break from my busy life . But what I found is that, working at office is quite easy compared to doing the chores at home.

My typical weekday would be something like this : I wake up early in the morning, prepare breakfast, drop my husband at bus stop, get my kid ready to school, drive her to school, come home and have a quick breakfast and then start off preparing lunch. Before I complete cooking, it’s time to pick up my kid from school and then feed her lunch. Afternoon passes unnoticed while I struggle to stop my kid from taking a nap , else she would not sleep in the night. I have to entertain her by reading, playing with her and engaging her in any other interesting activity. By the time I have my evening tea, I get a call from my husband to pick him from bus stop. And again, it’s time to prepare snacks, followed by dinner. Within this hectic schedule, I sometimes squeeze in few minutes to write a blog post. And in the end when someone asks me what I’m doing, I have to say “I’m not working” 😦  Hatsoff to all those,  who stay at home and ‘work’ for their family.

Who said that staying at home is easy?


A small,red sweater

A man and a woman walked through the park together, holding hands. They passed an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman was knitting a small, red sweater.

The man began to cry. The old woman reminded him of his mom who passed away one week back. He felt guilty for not spending enough time with her in her last few days at the hospital. What a fool he was that he took everything for granted? How could he ignore her plea when she called him several times and asked him to spend a weekend with her? Her last words still rung in his ear “Son, I love you. Take care”.  Now, he desperately wished that he could talk to his Mom for one last time and say “Sorry Mom. I Love you a lot”. The man couldn’t bear his sorrow, turned back and started walking out the park.

Meanwhile, the woman she saw the small, red sweater and was reminded of a task which she had been postponing for long time. She is expecting a baby and it is only 2 months due from now. She wanted to knit a cute little pink and purple sweater for her sweet little girl. She imagined her little one wearing that sweater and cuddling cozily in her arms. “Oh..!! How cute..” she thought.  The woman, still lost in her dreams, followed her husband swiftly. She could hardly wait to go back home and start knitting.

The old woman was fondly looking at the sweater she was knitting. “Just one more week” She thought. Her daughter’s family went abroad three years back. Her grandson was born two years ago and this is the first time she is going to meet him. She saw his pictures and he looked exactly like his father. She was eagerly waiting for their arrival. Suddenly she remembered something, picked up the sweater and started walking out of the park. She had to call her daughter and find out what her grandson loves to eat. The next thing on her list was to prepare her grandson’s favorite snacks. 🙂


August blues : Then as a kid and now as a parent..!!

In response to daily post: (As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?)

August Blues ?? I didn’t have any, when I was a kid. Actually, I was looking forward to go to school after long summer holidays. But now, after 25 years, when my 5 year daughter is going to school, I am terrified, worried and tensed when the school reopens. I guess almost all the parents will agree with me and here is why:

I have to wake two hours early than usual to get my kid ready to the school. Waking up my little one is one hell of an activity. I wonder how she knows, but she wouldn’t wakeup on her own on a weekday. Come weekend and she gets up early at 6:00am with lot of enthusiasm to enjoy the rest of the day. But on a weekday, even after nudging and pleading her several times, she stays asleep.  First question she asks after waking up is “Mommy, Do I have to go to school today?”.   Typically,the conversation between us will be like this:

 “Yes sweety, you have to go to school”.

“No.. Mommy”..

“Do you remember what your teacher told yesterday? You have a field trip today and it will be very exciting”.

“No Mommy..I will not go..The field trip is boring”

“You can meet your friends at school . They will be waiting for you”

“No Mommy. Yesterday, Katerina took my toy . I don’t want to meet her again today”

“You can wear the new dress we brought for you last weekend”

“No Mommy..I don’t want to wear that”

“I’ll give you icecream when you come back from school”

“No Mommy..Staying at home is better. You also don’t go to office”



After several such pleading which generally ends up with my shouting at her , she finally agrees to go to school . By that time we would have only 15 minutes to get ready. So I hurry up and with lot of resistance from her side, I get her ready to school. I feel so sorry about all this but with no other option left,  I leave my kid at the school.

Hours pass by quickly and it’s time for me to pick her up from school. Again I feel anxious about the next big task of the day: homework. Schools give assignments to students but it’s often the parents who do those. And so, once we reach home,  I again persuade her to do her homework.  A typical conversation between us is :

“ Mommy, should I paint blue here? Oh..!! No, green will be better”

“No honey, you have to draw the picture of ‘Sun’ and ‘Sun’ is not green”

“ Mommy, I think teacher wants me to draw a triangle here”

“No sweety, You have to just draw a circle and color it yellow”

“Mommy, give me that glue and scissors, I have to cut the paper stick it here”  ..

“No baby , it’s not needed. You have to only paint the picture”

After the drawing room is filled with lot of mess and after wasting 2 hours of my precious time, we are still where we were with the assignment. It’s time for me to take the complete charge of assignment else we wouldn’t be going to bed tonight. So, I tell my daughter to allow me to do her work and we finish the assignment in 10 minutes. Hurray..!! we are done for the day. I go to bed, wondering how many days are still left for the weekend.       

PS: This is the day in the life of an Indian parent.