3 Days 3 Quotes, Day 1: David Bowie’s Quotes


A few days back  Vikram Bishla, author of the blog ‘Blogmaniac’, nominated me for  3 days 3 quotes challenge. Vikram’s blog is interesting covering varied topics such as spirituality,philosophy, science. Do check it out.

Coming to the challenge, I want to share quotes by David Bowie. one of the most influential musicians. Continue reading

Shedding my introvert nature for my daughter


If we were having coffee right now, I would ask you one question: “How do you make friends?”

Don’t laugh! It may sound silly to you but it has been bothering me from the past few days.

Since you are a blogger I assume you spend time writing  when you could have gone out with your friends. I assume that you like writing compared to speaking and I assume you are an introvert or an ambivert.

Why I have asked this question about making friends is, I’m an introvert. I worked for several years in a corporate company. I travelled several places. All the while I had only a few friends.  I spend most of the time reading books, writing or enjoying my solitude.  I make acquaintances quickly but it will take a lot of time for me to turn that acquaintance into friendship. I feel uncomfortable in parties and end up sticking to one to two people throughout the party. However, I spent my entire life with this nature without any major problems . Infact, I was proud that I was an introvert when I read the book “Quiet” by Susan Cain. I was elated to know the virtues of being an introvert..

But, lately I have been trying to challenge my introvert nature because of my daughter. When my daughter started going to a new school, she lacked friends. Most of her classmates Moms were already well acquainted and I was out of that social circle. They all celebrated festivals together, went on trips together and made their children participate in the school events together.  I thought that my daughter will make new friends, but that didn’t happen.  Most of my daughter’s classmates had their own group of friends to play with and my daughter was left out. I felt guilty for this. If only I had socialized, if only I had made friendship with the Moms of other children, my daughter  wouldn’t have been playing alone now. Sometimes, I want to hold a board which reads “ My daughter needs friends”!  I became so desperate. Continue reading

A walk in the woods is better than a tall cup of coffee :-)


She had had enough with her crazy busy schedule. She wanted to get away from the hustle bustle of life. She wanted to step away from the chaos of the daily life. With the never ending responsibilities at work and at home, she was stressed-out.She needed an outlet. She longed for solitude.

She wanted to sort out her thoughts : What does she want to do? Who is she really? What is really important to her?

Most of all, she wanted to spend time with the most important person in her life : herself.

One day, she took a walk in a woods, alone. Enjoying the beautiful nature,absorbing the cool breeze and listening to the chirping of the birds, she relaxed. Away from the chaos, away from the noise, here she was enjoying for the first time her own companionship. Nothing bothered her now. She felt refreshed.She got the energy to face her life.It’s not the instant kick that you get by drinking a cup of tall Starbucks coffee.But it’s a soothing  long lasting peace of mind.

She was ready to face the world.

That’s when she learned the lesson:

A walk in the woods is better than a tall cup of coffee 🙂

Catch the time before it flies!

Do you want to write a book?

Do you want to go to the fitness center but don’t have time for it?

Do you want to read a book but couldn’t get the time out of your busy schedule?


Lack of Time seems the root cause for all the pending activities which stay dormant in our dreams and never  turn into reality. Tempus Fugus (Latin Expression meaning Time flies). Is there a way to circumvent this problem?Can we get a grip of the 24 hours in a day and utilize them in the best possible manner before the time slips through our hands slowly yet surely?

Yes Of course. There is a powerful technique which I call  the ‘Power of Delta’(an incremental change).  Small amounts of time (Which I call as ‘Delta’ ),  when accumulated over a period of time, brings in huge results beyond your imagination.

Continue reading

Grab my book for free in the next 3 days

Yes. You heard it right. My debut book, a nonfiction self-help bookCtrl+Alt+Del(Transform your problems into accomplishments) is on a promotional offer for the next 3 days (From July 29th to 31st). Grab your copy NOW. I’m eager to hear your feedback 🙂


Here is a blurb of my book:

Are you going through a tough phase of life? Are you Stressed out? Are you worried?

Then, this book is for you.

When a computer is not responding, what do we do? We press Ctrl+Alt+Del. Similarly when your life is going nowhere, then do a Ctrl+Alt+Del.  It is a 3 step process where you move from Controlling your emotions to Altering your perception to Deleting the problem.

This book contains the details of the Ctrl+Alt+Del process with simple practical tips to deal with any tough situation in life. It alters your perception of life and motivates you to get the best out of your life. You can thrive in your life irrespective of your current situation. However tough your situations may be, as you begin looking at the positive aspects of your life, you will not only begin to appreciate your life, but you will also find a way to emerge as a winner.

I have transformed my problems into accomplishments using Ctrl+Alt+Del. I hope you too will.


In conversation with Jahnavi Chintakunta – Author of Ctrl+Alt+Del

Arpita, the author of ‘Bound by life‘, fellow blogger and a writer I admire,  has featured my book on her blog. Do check it out.


Jahnavi Chintakunta is author of non-fiction self-help book, Ctrl+Alt+Del (Transform your problems into accomplishments). In this interview she tells us how being a Toastmaster led her to write the book and discusses what sets her book apart from other books in the genre.

Don’t forget to grab your copy of Ctrl+Alt+Del on Kindle! It will be available for free on Amazon from July 29th through July 31st. You may also follow Jahnavi on her blog, Recharge your day and her Facebook page.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m Jahnavi.  I am an electrical engineer turned software engineer turned author. My electrical engineering career was born out of necessity, and the following transformation to software engineer happened owing to the IT boom. Circumstances and luck played a role in both these cases. However, the transition to author was born of out of a choice to reinvent myself.
Tell us…

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A remarkable quote that changed my life


Did a quote influence you so much that it changed your mindset?

Is there any philosophy that is at the core of your every decision?

Well, I have one. A quote from the legendary Steve jobs’ commencement address at the Standford University in 2005 resonates in my mind every day.

“I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.”

From the past few years, I made some major decisions that were inspired by the above words. This sense of mortality questioned the purpose of my existence.

If I were to die today, what will be my contribution to this world? Will I perish away unremembered?. Continue reading

‘Forgive’ because ..


Global Forgiveness day is on July 7th 2015. I don’t have many details about how this day originated or how it is celebrated but lately, I realized the importance of forgiveness.

Few weeks ago, me and my close friend were in a strong disagreement over one particular issue. We each had our own opinions and we were not willing to accept each other’s view. We exchanged tough words and stopped talking to each other. During that period, I was not able to concentrate on my work; I lost my peace of mind and though I was trying hard to act as if everything was normal, I was continuously stressed. When I was browsing the internet for something to soothe my mind, I came across this wonderful quote:.

Forgive those who have injured you –
not because they deserve your forgiveness,
but because you can never be happy
until you release your anger and grant forgiveness.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

It really made a lot of sense. I wanted a peaceful, happy life and if the only way to get that was to forgive my friend, then I thought I will try that. Immediately, I took the initiative to end this cold war between us and sent out a detailed email to her proposing a solution which we both can agree upon. When she accepted, I felt the burden lift off my shoulders. On that day, I felt as free as a bird and I slept peacefully after several days.

Also, I started applying this philosophy to myself. I started accepting my failures, my mistakes, and my wrong decisions. When I started forgiving myself, I was able to accept who I was and it brought back the serenity in my life.

Lesson learnt: ‘Forgive’ because you want to be happy.