My 5-year-old daughter’s detective story!

Wouldn’t it be good if your dreams come true?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your child achieves your dreams even before you do?

I love writing and so I started this blog to write daily.  While I am struggling to write some nice blogs, my 5-year-old daughter already wrote a detective story!

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3 Tips to meet your writing goals

You have set your writing goals. You have the topics ready for your blog.

Still, did you miss your writing schedule? Did you get busy with some other activities in your life and couldn’t write?

It happened to me:-(

When I took Blogging101 course, I had the following writing goals:

1. Write 3 posts every week.

2. Spend one hour each week to read others’ blogs.

3. Create an editorial calendar for the coming month.

I followed them diligently for 1 month and then, slipped into lethargy:-(

Today, the first day in Blogging 201, I realized I should get back to my writing goals.

I came up with a few suggestions to myself and to all those have trouble sticking with their writing schedules.

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To live forever:Write

Have you ever wondered yourself at the end of your life? What sort of legacy will you leave?

For me, the unequivocal answer is “I want to write great books and they will be my legacy.”

I admire the work of Ayn Rand, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jane Austen. I wonder how these legendary writers managed to write books which are read with the same fervor, decades after their first publication.I always dream of being such a writer whose books are passed from one generation to other.

According to me, to write is to live forever. Writers are immortal. I dream of being one!

I came across these wonderful lines which resonate my thoughts

“It’s amazing that a man who is dead can talk to people through these pages. As long as this books survives, his ideas live.”
Christopher Paolini, Eragon

So true!

What’s your opinion? What do you think will be your legacy?

I realized writing is dangerous, when..


I realize writing is dangerous

When I missed my doctor appointment,

thinking over my new idea;

When I forgot about the dish cooking on the stove

pondering over a new twist in my story;

When I accidentally drove through a red signal

Mulling over my new blog post;

When I couldn’t sleep at night

chewing over a perfect ending to my tale.

Beware! Writing sure is dangerous.

Continue at your own risk.

Blogging 101: A sprint for bloggers!

Blogging101 course is over today! Oh! I will miss the guidance, the routine and the deadlines!

Last three weeks had been the best days of my blogging journey. I learnt a lot and my blog looks much better now.

3 things that I learnt from this course are mentioned below:


Thanks @michelleweber, @aisajib,@susanrnet,@tj720 for your support, guidance and valuable advice.

Now, my dear friends from Blogging 101, since the blogging sprint is over, let’s start the marathon and make our blogs fit and healthy!

Upcoming weekly features

Thanks to Blogging 101. I am planning to introduce some regular features on my blog.

I’m going have the following weekly features:

Inspirational Monday: I’ll be posting some inspirational/motivational quotes or thoughts which will gear you up for the week ahead.

Whacky Wednesday: Wednesday is the peak of the work week and at the same time it’s a day to look forward to an exciting weekend ahead. So, I’ll post something humorous or some light read.

Laid-back Friday: You had worked enough for the week. Now it is the time to sit back and relax. I’ll be posting a blog about a book I had read over the week.

Good enough? What do you say?

Since it’s Friday today, check out the book review of ‘Bound by Life’ by Arpita.

Afraid of networking? Learn Blogging!

Are there any similarities between blogging and networking?

I usually find writing blogs easier than networking. Well, that was the first reason why  I started writing. I feel comfortable facing a blank page then talking to a stranger. I even give speeches in public, in fact, I love public speaking. But, if I am in a room full of strangers, I feel awkward and look for an excuse to escape.

Recently, to learn the art of networking, I started reading the book ‘The fine art of Small Talk’ by ‘Debra fine’.

While I was reading the book, I also started participating in Blogging 101 and I couldn’t help notice the similarities.


Based on the book  and based on the assignments in ‘Blogging 101’ course, I found that rules to build networking skills and rules to sharpen blogging skills are almost the same. So, if we master blogging, we can learn the art of networking as well. Two birds at one shot 🙂

What do you say?

Inspiration to write


Whenever I want to write a blog and I don’t have any particular topic in mind, I wonder

“Why should I write? “

“Is anyone ever going to read this?”

One day, I just created my own answer to the above important questions and I read it every time I want some encouragement to write.

“Everyone has a story to tell. We don’t know if it is a great story or not, because it is our life.  But, if we tell our story, someone out there would benefit from our experience. For someone out there, we would have provided a solution. Our story would brighten someone’s day. When we create stories with a positive impact, readers will cherish them long after we forget. So, write your story.”

Thus, I created my own inspiration to write.

Further, I came across this wonderful quote several times “Never Stop smiling because you never know who’s falling in love it”.

I feel the same way about writing.

“Never stop writing because you never know who is reading it. :-)”


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger With a Cause.”