Not so sincere #3linetales


photo by Dominik Martin – here’s a bigger version

“Mommy, Look at this picture I shot just now”, said seven-year old Ethan beaming proudly showing a photo in his Dad’s cell phone to his Mom.

“Wow!Ethan.You are so talented “,replied Jane encouragingly while looking at the photo keenly .

Immediately Jane stormed out of the kitchen to confront her husband about several things: Why he let young Ethan use his cellphone, why he is secretly smoking instead of helping her to prepare for Ethan’s birthday party in the evening,  and most importantly, why he started smoking again after he sounded so sincere when he promised her that he will never smoke again just a week ago.

P.S: The above post is written for two prompts:

1.Daily prompt: Sincere and

2. ‘Three line tales: Week Forty’ challenge by Sonya, the author of ‘Only 100 Words’ blog. Thank you, Sonya, for hosting this challenge. To read more posts for this event, click here.

12 thoughts on “Not so sincere #3linetales

  1. Lol. Kids catch everything don’t they. Daddy can’t hide his smoking any longer, especially in the house. Gross! Great lines!

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