Three Line Tales: A writer’s story


photo by moi – full res version on Unsplash


At the crack of the dawn, the entire world will come to know that her debut novel won the Booker prize.

A decade of her sleepless nights to perfect her writing skills will be finally paid off.

Yet, people will call it an ‘overnight success’!


P.S: The above post is written for ‘Three line tales:Week Three’ challenge by Sonya, the author of ‘Only 100 Words’ blog. Thank you,Sonya, for hosting this challenge. To read more posts for this event, click here.

17 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: A writer’s story

  1. Lovely thing to dream of. I hope you get it someday. Yes, everyone always says people experience overnight success. They always forget all the hours and time a writer spends writing before they break through, if they do.

  2. Overnight success is a far fetched dream. Most importantly, the writer still gets the prize. He/she couldn’t control what others thinks. Wonderful story! I stared at the picture for the whole day, still couldn’t think of 3 lines to write a story. I gave up! Haha! You are marvellous! 😀

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  4. How often has this happened in real life – every week probably. I think it’s more glamorous and exciting for the media to dub someone an ‘overnight success’ – ‘success from years of hard work, sleepless nights, ignoring your family and total obssession’ doesn’t have the same ring to it 🙂

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