United States through my eyes

Time flies so fast. It’s already one year since I moved to United States from India.

Whenever my friends in India ask me “How is the United States”, I hear myself replying “It’s Awesome”.

When I think what I really like about US and how I started adjusting here, some amusing experiences cross my mind. Here they are:

  1. Silence:
  2. Traffic
  3. Cold


It was the first time I was alone at home, my husband had gone to work, and then I felt an awkward silence.  I strained my ears to hear anything but all I could hear was chirping of the birds in the distance. I stay in a building with 8 apartments. And still no noise heard.  It was strange.!!

Unable to bear the silence, I walked to the park in my community hoping to get some company. The park was located on a hilly area and from there I can get a complete view of the community. There were tall trees, beautiful houses and lot of cars in the parking lot but not a single person in sight. It was as if I was the only one surviving on this planet. The place was secluded and eerie. I couldn’t stay longer and went back home.

Later I realized it was so strange, because, back in my homeland, the streets were always bustling with people. Every when you are at home, you hear some or the other noise. Either a neighbor turns up the TV’s volume or a vendor is selling fruits on the street or kids are shouting and playing or an overfriendly neighbor pops  up to say “hello” . And of course, at that time, I was struggling hard to get some peaceful time for myself and here I was trying to hear some noise.

Slowly as I was getting accustomed to this place, I had a task at hand. I had to take the driving test.

2. Traffic

When I first saw the driver’s manual, I thought “Seriously, Do you need to follow all these rules while driving”?” After I read the penalties for each violation, I understood how serious the rules were.

Back at my place, driving was more about steering through the crowds than about following the rules. The traffic is heterogeneous: Cars, bikes, three wheelers, buses, pedestrians, kids and even cattle share the same road and the same lane. So , the challenging part there is to drive without hitting anyone. Honking here is considered offensive but there it’s  a necessity. Someone comes in your way, you honk. It’s more like a reflex action. So, when I started driving here, I had to memorize all the rules and follow them very carefully.

3. Cold

As I started settling down, I knew I had to face my worst nightmare. Winter.. brr!! Was I ready for the winter? No way.

Back in my hometown, we had 3 types of weather:

  1. Hot
  2. Hotter
  3. Hottest

The temperature ranges from a low of 50 to a high of 120..

So for me cold for me is 50F.

Obviously, for most of the days in winter, I stayed indoors. But one day, after a series of cold, cloudy days the sky was blue and clear. The sun was shining brightly and the hot sun rays were beaming though the glass window.  After staying in the house for several days, I was tempted to take a stroll outside. In few minutes I got ready and stepped outside the house and then Brrr….It was bitter cold and I was freezing. I was just wearing of Tshirt and Jeans with no jacket , shoes or mittens . I ran inside the house immediately and checked the temperature. It was 20 F that day.    From that day onwards, I decided that I will never ever ever step out of the house without checking the temperature. Anyhow, by the end of winter, I had seen some beautiful snow and also I learnt to cope up with the cold.

After all these months, even now, the creepy silence, overwhelming traffic rules , the cold weather amuse me whenever I compare them to my ever crowded, hot native place. But I started loving the peaceful atmosphere, the hassle free commute and the heavenly snow in the winter. Now, I am thoroughly enjoying every moment of my stay here.

May be,that’s why, whenever someone asks me “How is the United states”, I  say  “It’s awesome”.

3 thoughts on “United States through my eyes

  1. Moving from India to the U.S could come across as a shock…chalk and cheese. Though personally I haven’t been abroad, I can totally picture it when my friends come and tell me stories of life abroad in comparison to India

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