Make it Extra Hot ..Please!!

“Make it Extra Hot ..Please”  That’s how I start when I order my food at a restaurant.

I’m an Indian and currently staying in the United States. We Indians generally prefer spicy food.Even in India, in the place I come from, we make food so hot that the people from other parts of the country would think twice before eating.

Obviously wherever I go in US, I find the food too bland for my taste.  No offense meant to anyone.

Now, here is what I generally order

Subway sandwich with chipotle sauce + hot sauce

Chipotle bowl with hot sauce

Pizza with crushed red pepper

Pasta (I can’t get a spicy pasta at restaurant) so I order it ‘to go’ and add red chilli powder, pepper powder, salt !!

This craving for spiciness is shown hilariously in one of the recent Bollywood Movies (Movie is ‘Queen’ ), where the leading lady in that movie, goes to an Italian restaurant and orders food. The owner of the restaurant brings her food and asks her opinion. She, in her innocent sweet voice, tells him that the dish will taste good if you add the spices : chilli,pepper,salt,lemon.  The restaurant owner feels offended and says ‘You Indians put chilli in everything.’ !! I can relate so much to that and often I am reminded of that movie whenever I’m eating outside.

At home, I keep a stock of  wide range of spices and I love cooking my own food rather than eating at restaurant .  If you are wondering how we can eat so spicy food, I think may be it’s the way our body was designed and the way I grew up. Back in those days, my great grandparents, my grand parents and even my parents used to have porridge with onion and chilli for breakfast !!! Not pancakes!! I guess that explains our craving for spiciness.

It’s time to go back to my kitchen and see if I have enough chilies to prepare my lunch 🙂


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