If kids ruled the world!

A few days back, when I was helping my five year old daughter fill answers in her activity book, we came across a question  in that book

“What will you do if you rule the world?”

I was not sure if my daughter understood the question. So, I waited curiously for her to respond.

She thought for a moment and said

“I want the kids to do what grown ups do and the grownups to do what the kids do”!

I was surprised. I wanted to understand clearly what she meant. So I asked

“What will you do as a grownup? What should I do as a kid?”

Her reply amused me.

“As a kid, you will go to my school. You will do my homework. You will attend my dance, music and swimming classes.

As a grownup, I will stay at home. I will watch TV all day. I will bake cupcakes.”

From the past one and half year, I have been a stay at home Mom and my daughter envies my situation. She thinks that all I do throughout the day is to stay at home, watch TV and cook  🙂 Meanwhile, I always see my daughter and I wish I could get my childhood days back !

Surely, we grownups are going to be in trouble if  kids ruled the world!


P.S: This post is written in response to daily prompt ” If I rule the world” https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/if-i-ruled-the-world/





5 thoughts on “If kids ruled the world!

  1. 😀 this was indeed interesting. as kids, we always think when will we grow up, and then when we are all grown up, we want to go back to our childhood again 😀 loved your daughter’s response. she seems really intelligent 🙂

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