Kids Halloween Party#Humor#Limerick


Captain America was searching for his shield all over the place.

Wonder woman had chocolate smeared all over her face.

Superman needed a diaper change.

Spiderman needed some pocket change.

While I was helping these adorable superheroes, Batman tugged my sleeve asking “Can you please tie my shoe lace?”

P.S: The above limerick is written for ‘Limerick Challenge Week 43: ‘Celebrations’ .Thank you Rashmi for hosting this challenge .

Fall in the park#Humor#Limerick



photo courtesy: pixabay

We went for a stroll in the park to enjoy fall

Out of nowhere came a speeding ball

I stooped down and yelled ‘Duck!’

He looked around searching for a duck.

Alas! I couldn’t stop his fall.

The speciality of the above limerick is it uses homonyms . (‘duck’ and ‘fall’) . Homonyms are words with multiple meanings.

P.S: The above limerick is written for Limerick Challenge Week 42: ‘Homonyms’ . Thank you Rashmi for hosting this challenge .

American Born Confused Indian#Limerick


To wear a long skirt that stays or to flaunt a mini skirt that sways

To eat homemade rice or to get restaurant takeaways

To speak in English or to falter in mother tongue

Unable to decide, between two cultures, she hung

This ‘American Born Confused Desi’ is bewildered always.

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